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The Blog - Business Growth

Is your Business Plan a Shelf Warmer or a Game Changer ?

Posted 13th December 2013

You may have heard it said that Business Plans are a waste of time.  You spend days putting it together, weeks getting it agreed, and it ends up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere - eventually seeing the light of day only when the bank asks you for one to back up a loan application, 5 years afterw...

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The Law of 10x10

Posted 10th June 2013

Multitasking is a skill that just over 50% of the population will have it that they've mastered, while the other half of the population simply cannot do.  I don't want to get into the gender argument, but one thing I do know for certain is that a business which does not multi-task is never going to...

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Doubling your Sales

Posted 3rd June 2013

While at a conference a couple of years ago, I heard of a study which was carried out on sales professionals in a corporation in the US.  What it looked at was how long each day the sales people in the study actually spent doing the three things which get sales results - that is to say prospecting ...

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Measure your Conversion Rate

Posted 22nd April 2013

How well do you convert your new enquiries ?  How many people walking into your shop, visiting your website, phoning you or emailing you are you turning into customers ? Generally I find that less than 10% of small businesses know the answer to that question.  And if they guess, they tend to get ...

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