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The Law of 10x10

Posted 10th June 2013

Multitasking is a skill that just over 50% of the population will have it that they've mastered, while the other half of the population simply cannot do.  I don't want to get into the gender argument, but one thing I do know for certain is that a business which does not multi-task is never going to...

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Work on the Headline

Posted 20th May 2013

Pick up your local newspaper, or classified directory and flick through the ads.  What do you see ?  Chances are, after just a couple of pages, you will see ... frankly ... nothing.  A few logos, a lot of company names, a clipart picture or two, but nothing remarkable which makes you stop and wan...

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Measure your Conversion Rate

Posted 22nd April 2013

How well do you convert your new enquiries ?  How many people walking into your shop, visiting your website, phoning you or emailing you are you turning into customers ? Generally I find that less than 10% of small businesses know the answer to that question.  And if they guess, they tend to get ...

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Finding your Ideal Customer...

Posted 6th March 2013

An exercise we commonly go through with our clients is to rank their customers A, B, C & D.  You know the sort of thing ... A's are the Awesome customers, B's are the Bread & Butter Customers, C's the ones you Can't really deal with, and the D's the ones you sometimes wish were Dead ! Ther...

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