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Finding your Ideal Customer...

Posted 6 March 2013

An exercise we commonly go through with our clients is to rank their customers A, B, C & D.  You know the sort of thing … A’s are the Awesome customers, B’s are the Bread & Butter Customers, C’s the ones you Can’t really deal with, and the D’s the ones you sometimes wish were Dead !

There are a number of reasons for this … for example, if you chose not to spend any more time in appeasing and dealing with your ‘bad’ customers, and instead invested that time in better servicing your good customers, think what a difference that would make to your bottom line … and your sanity.

But moreover this is an excellent exercise to do when you want to realign your marketing.  Because by understanding the nature of your A-grade customer, you can better target your marketing to attract more of them.

So, what makes an ideal customer for you ?  What’s their demographic, their annual spend ?  Where are they (geographically), and where do they hang out when they’re not dealing with you, what else do they spend their money on ?  And more importantly what do they want from you and why do they choose to come to you ?

By really getting under the skin of your A-grade customers and being able to visualise them, it makes coming up with strong marketing messages and effective marketing strategies that much easier.  And allows you to bury those D’s sooner rather than later…