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Smile !

Posted 7 May 2013

One of my favourite phrases is “Life is a Mirror” … what that means is that all that surrounds you and affects you is actually simply a reflection of you.

This is truer in the life of a business owner or business leader that just about anywhere else.  We all need to accept that our teams of employees will take the lead from you in just about everything.  If they see you giving great customer service, guess what they will aspire to.  Similarly if they see you bitching about a complaining customer behind their back, guess how they will talk about their next complainant.  And if they see you stressed and grumpy, guess how they will start to behave.

Once we recognise that we set the tone, then what can we do to ensure that the working environment is one which delivers the result you want ?  One way to do it … and don’t laugh …. is simply to make sure that you start the day with a smile and a positive greeting.  No more “mustn’t grumbles”, not more grunted hellos.  Let your people know that all is alright with the world, and be consistent about it, and you will soon find that everyone’s performance starts heading up the scale.