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Thinking on Paper

Posted 29 April 2013

From time to time, most people experience overwhelm … when there is simply too much going on in their lives and in their heads and they cannot see the wood for the trees.  They’re waking in the middle of the night with head buzzing, and are unable to drop back off.  They’re busy all the time, but get to the end of another exhausting day and think they’ve achieved nothing…

When you are in overwhelm, the one thing that is lacking is Clarity.  Everything in your head becomes twisted into one complicated drama.

A simple way of overcoming this yourself  is simply to download your brain onto paper.  Start at the end of a day with a number of blank sheets of paper and simply write down every topic that is on and in your mind.  Don’t evaluate them, and no matter how big or small they seem to you, simply write them down.

Once you’re done with that, it’s time to categorise.  Group the list under 5 or 6 logical headlines … they might be Customers, Cashflow, Recruitment, Family, Health, Employees, Bank etc.

Now star or highlight the 1 or 2 highest priority items in each group.  These are the ones you are choosing to deal with first.

And finally commit yourself to action each of those priorities before you do anything else tomorrow morning.

The objective is not to come up with all the answers … it is to allow you the objectivity to decide priorities, and to give you CLARITY.  Try it out, you will be amazed how effective a process it is.